Google Voice – Multiple Numbers – anyone use this ?

Hey does anyone I know use Google Voice in a business environment.. In order to screen calls? If so, I would love to talk (Seattle area code) 934 9333.

I think I want two Google voice numbers.. One for personal and one for business.. And be able to screen calls from new clients.. So that I don’t get interrupted during the workday.

It seems like such a nice feature. But from this article.. It sounds like there are MAJOR problems in separating traffic between the two numbers.

I guess I need to have a bunch of different Google Account.. GMail accounts. Its just such a shame that Google had to kill their free products.. In order to CON people into using their Office Software.   Seems completely worthy of antitrust investigations.

They got people hooked onto Gmail (with a custom domain) and then bundled that with Google Documents.

I have always loved MS Office.. And its a major shame that Google AND Microsoft killed their free offerings… So that they could charge people fifteen bucks a month for email service.

It blows my mind. That nobody can offer decent email with custom domains.. For a dollar per user per month.

I honesty. Sincerely. Am going to start relying on my GoDaddy Virtual Private Server to host my own email services.  Seems ridiculous to me. But it is the only path forward.