Microsoft Paying Bloggers To Write About Internet Explorer | Uncrunched

I think it is so sad that people give Microsoft such a hard time. I honestly love Internet Explorer. I don’t see anyone building easy Chrome automation tools using ActiveX control… The ability to push IE via Visual Basic means I have always cared less about other browsers. I just can’t fathom that a company […]

Microsoft's 8 Most Popular 'Zombie Products'

Every day in Redmond is the night of the living dead. While vibrant, well-supported, popular offerings from the company live happily on the Microsoft campus, the ranks of their undead counterparts are swelling all the time. The undead are Microsoft zombie products: Offerings that Microsoft has tried to kill but that haven’t yet settled in […]

Microsoft Tackles 'SQL Server Sprawl'

Hewlett-Packard has partnered with Microsoft to introduce a preconfigured system for companies that want to perform analytics on data spread across many SQL Server databases. The HP ConvergedSystem 300 for the Microsoft Analytics Platform can draw structured data from SQL Servers and unstructured data from other sources. Diverse data sets can be brought into Microsoft’s SQL Server Parallel Data […]

Supratimas – analysis tool for Microsoft SQL Server query execution plans

I found the GREATEST tool ever.. for analyzing SQL Server Query Plans.  I can’t wait to spend some more time with this! FEATURES Color Coding Nodes with cost of more than one per cent are colored blue. That makes it easier to find them. Output Display number of rows and total size of data […]