VersionPress is VERY important. And NOT getting enough funding

If anyone wants to contribute to a VERY good open source project.. I really think that VersionPress would be a great candidate.  I love WordPress. It makes web development fun again.. Every day I find a plugin that seems like a FANTASTIC feature.

The one weak point in most WordPress projects has got to be version control.  There is nothing more frustrating than a poorly written plugin or theme.

I really think that WordPress NEEDS automatic version control .. Sure would love to have this feature.

I hope that they can come up with the funding for this project in time.

Why can't open source companies provide enough bandwidth so people can download their products?

I’ve never ever understood.. or appreciated.. why it is that a $1bn company like Firefox for example.. somehow can’t AFFORD to provide enough bandwidth for their users to download.

I’ve been using Firefox 4 / 5 for the past couple of months.. and it just drives me crazy.

I can’t wait to get easier ‘share with facebook’ type links in FIREFOX.

but.. alas.. I can’t download the darn software because Mozilla Corp is too cheap to pay their bills.

How hard could it possibly be? Why don’t they push it over to

COME ON PEEPS, you can do BETTER!~!~!