Microsoft Paying Bloggers To Write About Internet Explorer | Uncrunched

I think it is so sad that people give Microsoft such a hard time.

I honestly love Internet Explorer. I don’t see anyone building easy Chrome automation tools using ActiveX control… The ability to push IE via Visual Basic means I have always cared less about other browsers.

I just can’t fathom that a company the size of Microsoft has short-mans complex…

I think that Internet Explorer is easily the best browser.

With Chrome and Firefox.. I am always having issues.. For example on one machine, I install a plugin.. That LOOKS credible.. But the next thing I know my browser’s homepage is set to conduit.  Then these other browsers have the audacity to push that setting to all of my other profiles.. So one stupid install of a browser plugin for Chrome… And then next thing I know I have a dozen infected machines.

I only ever have this problem with Chrome and Firefox.

Long live Microsoft and long live Internet Explorer.

PS – bring back VB6!!