Independent Contractor [5/2000 – Present] Aaron Kempf Consulting – West Coast
Web Development – Classic ASP, Php, TurnkeyLinux.org
Wordpress Implementation – Security, Design
Database Design – SQL Server, Microsoft Access, Microsoft Excel, PostgreSQL, mySQL
Conversions – mySQL, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, Crystal Reports, SQL Server Reporting Services, Edition and Version upgrades
Training – Microsoft Business Intelligence, SSAS, SSRS, WordPress, Ubuntu
Web Hosting – VestaCP, cPanel
Prototypes – Hadoop Infrastructure, PostgreSQL
Screen-Scraping – .Net, Python, Microsoft SQL Server

Sr. BI Developer [4/2016 – 8/2016] Sandia National Labs – Albuquerque, NM
SSRS Development, Training, Optimizations, XML Web Services
QA measure, test and improve Relational Database Performance
.NET Console tools to ensure the performance and success rate of SSRS calls
Web Browser Automation, Testing, Troubleshooting

Odoo / ERP Developer [1/2016-3/2016] Small Business clients in Boise
Training – Order Entry, Bookkeeping
Modules Inventory, Accounting, Invoicing, Pricing, Bundling, Discounts, Human Resources
ETL import DB, XML, Text, Spreadsheet historical data
PostgreSQL Implementation, Backups, Troubleshooting

Data Warehouse Developer [2/2014-1/2015] Gorge Networks – Hood River, OR
Warehousing DataMart Design, Dimensional Modeling
Training – SSAS Mentoring
Source Control Integration (RDBMS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS)
SSAS OLAP Multidimensional, Design, Development, MDX Queries, Calculations
ETL SSIS, Integration Services – Development, Optimization, Troubleshooting

DBA DB Developer [10/2012-2/2014] Stella Jones McFarland Cascade – Tacoma
Provide DB Development, Administration, and troubleshooting for mid-sized manufacturing company
Training – SSRS Mentoring
Replacing Cognos reports with Native Excel PivotTables / SSAS OLAP
Warehousing DataMart Design, Dimensional Modeling
Source Control Integration (RDBMS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS)
ETL SSIS, Integration Services – Development, Optimization, Troubleshooting, 3RD Party components
SSAS OLAP Multidimensional & Tabular, Design, Development, MDX Queries, Calculations
SSRS Development, Troubleshooting
System Center Reporting, Schema Repair, Backups Data Protection Manager DPM

DB Architect [12/2011-10/2012] EagleView Technologies HomeDepot.com – St. Paul, MN
Implement inventory and pricing applications involving the HomeDepot.com product catalog
Training – Agile, Relational Design, Stored Procedures, Jr. DBA Training
Schema Design, Stored Procedures, Code Reuse, SQLCLR, Bitwise
Continuous Integration, Source Control Integration (RDBMS, SSIS, SSRS, SSAS)
ETL SSIS Integration Services – Development, Testing, Automation
SSAS OLAP Multidimensional, Design, Development, MDX Queries, Calculations
SSRS Development

Senior ETL Developer [10/2010-12/2011] Alliance Enterprises – Lacey, WA
ETL Procedures, Troubleshoot Builds, Diagnose Errors for .GOV software provider
Oracle Migration, Blobs
ETL SSIS Integration Services – XML Authoring, Development, Optimization, Custom ETL Tools
Oracle Query development, Blobs, Linked Servers
Visual Basic Visual Basic.NET .NET Console Applications
SSRS Development
QA Continuous Integration, XML Parsing, Build Reporting, Automation, Source Control, DDL Triggers

DBA Systems Admin [10/2008-10/2010] National Association of Realtors – Tacoma, WA
Manage databases and servers for multi-tenant SaaS platforms
Training SSRS Mentoring, CRM
Administration 15 physical servers, Hyper-V, VMware, IIS, SQL Server, Scheduling, Troubleshooting, Optimization, Repair
Administration 20 Desktops & Non – Production Servers, Printers, Antivirus, Optimization, Automation, Deployment
Database Schema Design, stored procedures, tables, indexes, schema, linked servers
SSRS ReportViewer, Administration, Security – financial, real estate, Google Maps integration
Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, Classic ASP, VBScript
MySQL Development, Installation, Troubleshooting
Exchange Administration, Troubleshooting, Outlook Automation
Web SEO, XML sitemaps design, IIS Log Management

Web Developer [5/2008-9/2008] AbcLegal.com – Seattle, WA
Develop Classic ASP and .NET Console Applications for Legal Services firm
Troubleshoot RBAR solution from SQL to Set – based Architecture, receiving and sending email messages
Database Schema Design, Stored Procedures, Optimization
Visual Basic, Visual Basic.NET, Classic ASP, VBScript
.NET Console Applications
QA Address verification software testing, implementation
Web Classic ASP VBScript Development, Troubleshooting

Lead Technical Consultant [7/2007-4/2008] G4Analytics – 75% Telecommute 25% Travel – Dallas, TX
Implement Pricing & Forecasting software for major retailers
Gather Requirements, Lead other developers with minimal supervision
Warehousing DataMart Design, Dimensional Modeling, Indexing
ETL SSIS Integration Services – development, Design, Maintenance, Testing
SSAS Data Mining & OLAP Multidimensional, Design, Development, MDX Queries, Calculations
SSRS development
.NET Console Applications
QA Development of testing system for comparing results between 5 different database tiers

DB Developer [2007] Washington Department of Licensing – Olympia, WA
Migrate large .GOV Access application to SQL Server Reporting Services
Migrate 120k lines of business logic to SQL Server stored procedures, metadata management solution
Database Write hundreds of stored procedures, Schema Design
SSRS development, migration from MS Access
.NET Console Applications

SSRS Reports Developer [2007] Adaptis – Seattle, WA
Migrate from Oracle to MS SQL Server
Training Leading Oracle Developers to SQL2005
SSRS Development, Form Letters, Implement SoftArtisans ‘Office Writer’

XML XSLT Developer [2007] Forensics Firm – Kirkland, WA
Deliver XSLT scripts and develop automation scripts & testing tools
XML Hundreds of XML Data Files, XSLT Development
QA Design, Build and Implement XSLT Testing Harness for large body of XML Exports under variety of XSLT transforms
Web Design, Demonstrate and Implement Web Browser Automation

DB Developer (MSSQL) [2006] Starbucks Corporation – Seattle, WA
Improved performance of critical spatial data queries by filtering data

Business Intelligence SSAS DBA [2006] Safeco BI Center for Excellence – Seattle, WA
Administer 100 cubes on 20 SSAS Servers
Configure Security, Scheduling, Documentation, mappings, Connectivity Issues, DB2, Teradata
Warehousing Dimensional Design, Optimization, Automation, Troubleshooting
ETL SSIS, DTS, Automation solution for importing 10,000 Performance Monitor files, log reporting system
SSAS OLAP Multidimensional, Design, Development, MDX Queries, Calculations
SSAS metadata reporting, collection & analysis, Develop PerfMon reporting solution to track performance over time
Visual Basic VBS Scripts, .NET Console Applications for administration utilities, Performance Reporting, Metadata

SharePoint ETL Developer [8/2005-12/2005] (ACS Group) Sound Transit – Seattle, WA
Collect, Prioritize requirements from various business owners to understand complex rules
Move data from old Btrieve database to SharePoint without complex ETL solutions
ETL Design, Development, Scripting, Retiring legacy bTrieve system
Visual Basic Parsing algorithms, prioritizing and allowing critical data to be extracted where it was not previously searchable
DBA DB Developer – Point of Sale Ultimate Flooring – Renton, WA
Develop and implement new Point-of-Sale solution built on MS Access
Modules – Data Entry, Pricing, Quoting, Invoices, Order Tracking, Inventory
Database Schema Design
Microsoft Access Form Validation, Pricing Automation, Algorithms

DB Developer [6/2005-7/2005] (Denali AI) Stockpot Soups – Woodinville, WA
Help manufacturing company while their DBA was on honeymoon
Database Backup, Restore, SQL Locking problems, Replication between AS 400 & SQL Server
SDE IV [1/2005-5/2005] Microsoft Operations Finance – Redmond, WA
Design, Build and Implement software solution for replacing merging spreadsheets in budgeting across Microsoft
Warehousing Dimensional Modeling, Automation, Relational Design
SSAS OLAP Multidimensional, Design, Development, MDX Queries, Calculations
Visual Basic Classic ASP w/VBScript, VBA
Web Classic ASP VBScript, DHTML, COM Components, Development, Debugging, Implementation

Database Developer III [10/2004–12/2004] (SolutionsIQ) Safeco Insurance – Seattle, WA
Develop DataMart, Reporting, and ETL for automating KPI Costing information
Classic ASP VBScript, DHTML, Development, Debugging, Implementation
Warehousing Schema Design, Dimensional Modeling
ETL DTS Automation
SSAS OLAP Multidimensional, Design, Development, MDX Queries, Calculations
SSRS Development
Visual Basic Classic ASP w/VBScript
Log SSAS Processing Troubleshooting, Event Log Management for dozens of servers
Web Classic ASP VBScript, DHTML, COM Components, Development, Debugging, Implementation

DB Developer IV [7/2004-10/2004] MSN Quality of Service Microsoft – Redmond, WA
Monitor log files for data to investigate customer support issues
Web ASP.net error logs for dozens of clusters in order to investigate client problems
Log Web Application Troubleshooting MSN Passport Service
QA Test Web Clients, SQL Server, Locate and troubleshoot errors in scripts (batch, MSI Installers, Database DDL)

DB Developer III [10/2003-6/2004] (Computer Associates) Microsoft Corp. Security – Redmond, WA
Develop better solution for managing ‘Big Data’ running on 32 bit SQL Server 2000
Training – SSAS Tutoring for Developers, PivotTable Reporting for Users, DataMart Design, Inmon & Kimball Principles
Improve performance 1000x for 10TB Operational Data Store, a single server Pentium 3 8-socket server
Warehousing DataMart Design, Dimensional Modeling, Job Scheduling, troubleshooting, optimization
ETL DTS Automation, Scripting, Troubleshooting, Screen – Scraping
SSAS OLAP Automation, Troubleshooting, Performance
Log ISA Server Intrusion Detection, Event Log Management for hundreds of servers
System Center Microsoft Operations Management Implementation
Screen-Scraping pulling data from many security websites
Web Classic ASP w/VBScript, design, development, debugging, implementation

DB Developer [10/2003-6/2004] TMobile – Bellevue, WA
Develop Performance Management software to measure call center performance
Warehousing DataMart Design, Dimensional Modeling
ETL DTS – enterprise ETL development, design, DTS Automation, workflow, Visual Basic scripting
SSAS Development, Optimization, Design, Troubleshooting, Automation, MDX Queries and Optimization
Visual Basic Windows Script Host, VB6, Classic ASP
Log Call Center Performance Analysis, Optimization
Web Classic ASP VBScript development, Office Web Components, XML

DB Developer [5/2000-11/2001] Briazz IT & Accounting – Seattle, WA
Manage large investment in Microsoft Access, migrate to MS SQL Server
Stored Procedures, Schema Design, consolidate data from disparate systems, Enterprise Information System
ETL DTS Design, DTS Automation, Visual Basic Scripting, error handling
Reporting Crystal Reports, Microsoft Access
Microsoft Access Development, Maintenance, migrate to Office 2000 formats, migrate to SQL Server