Please be sure to tell me the technical requirements and the salary range up front. I am willing to travel for work but I won’t travel relocate or commute from where I live to a place halfway across the nation.. without capital investment it just cannot be done.

I know first hand what it is like to travel, relocate and or telecommute. I’ve moved many times.. and I cannot afford to absorb ALL the risk involved with travel.

If you want me to telecommute, I would like to get some sort of retainer. I just cannot afford to spend thirty hours a week in sales calls. I am a programmer, I am a Systems Administrator and I’ve worked at an Architect level on many projects over the years.

Let me leave you with a quote from a manager that I made very happy:

Aaron is significantly stronger with DataMart Design and Microsoft Business Intelligence than everybody from Microsoft Consulting Services.

I think that is a pretty powerful statement. I know that I am not Brent Ozar.. but I am probably half of what he is at one fifth of his price. I’ve developed some amazing schema over the years.