VestaCP MultiPHP

this looks like an interesting configuration. I’ll have to translate the article and then do it on a test machine. that is one thing that I have not done enough of RECENTLY! testing on a free virtual machine is the best way to do it! I am primarily concerned with allowing to go between 7.1 […]

List of IPV6 public DNS servers

I always have a hard time browsing through a dozen pages of bullshit.. before I get to the important information. I wish that everyone just published simpler LIST format so I could go and grab DATA instead of parsing it by hand every day. Cheers to sharing data from the internet. cloudflare 606:4700:4700::1111 2606:4700:4700::1001 google: […]

SQL Server User Defined Function fnRegExp

I have never before seen some TSQL/COM automation method for calculating the Regular Expression result. I am playing with this, here is the code: [startCodeBlock] CREATE FUNCTION dbo.fnRegExp ( @source varchar(5000), @regexp varchar(1000), @ignorecase bit = 0 ) RETURNS bit AS – /* DECLARE @intLength AS INTEGER DECLARE @vchRegularExpression AS VARCHAR(50) DECLARE @vchSourceString as VARCHAR(50) […]

Ditch your phone’s built-in web browser

It was refreshing to see an article from Popular Science that talks about mobile browsers. I hate Chrome, so I always am trying out one browser or another. Popular Science: Ditch your phone’s built-in web browser for these seven alternatives.

Microsoft is killing Access Services

I ran into this announcement today and it made me chuckle. I really liked Access Services for some things but it was WAY too hard to configure. VentureBeat: Microsoft is killing Access Services for SharePoint Online in April 2018.

LifeHacker Best Tools to Archive Web Pages

Here is a great source for tools to Archive the results of a webpage or website. is one of my favorite websites. They always have helpful methods for using technology. I wonder how they decide to write on a particular topic?

6 Ways to Save Pages In

I use almost every day. Sometimes I have a client that used to have a website or webpage. It looks like there are six ways to utilize to preserve a particularl website or webpage. Some of these methods look interesting I will have to check them out.