Microsoft Paying Bloggers To Write About Internet Explorer | Uncrunched

I think it is so sad that people give Microsoft such a hard time. I honestly love Internet Explorer. I don’t see anyone building easy Chrome automation tools using ActiveX control… The ability to push IE via Visual Basic means I have always cared less about other browsers. I just can’t fathom that a company […]

Building your own app without any coding

I am interested in trying out these IDE that are targeted towards non-programmers. I think that Microsoft Access is easily one of the most productive tools ever built.. And it was targeted towards non programmers. I detest Access as a database… But as an IDE it really filled a nice role when Microsoft betrayed millions […]

Microsoft's Universal Windows App Store Is Huge For Developers—And Consumers

Windows is now truly one operating system, whether you’re on a smartphone, tablet or PC. Windows Phone 8.1, Windows 8 RT and Window 8.1—that is, the phone, tablet (sort of) and PC flavors of Windows—are no longer distinct operating systems that largely look alike but vary wildly under the hood. Microsoft has spent the last […]

Tracking Protection Lists

this has got to be the coolest thing that I’ve ever seen. why doesn’t Microsoft advertise stuff like this better? looks like it is ‘Internet Explorer Only’.. that’s allright.. IE rocks, it’s my fave browser easily. I was doing some interesting stuff with browser automation last job, a couple of times over the years I’ve […]

Visual Basic.Net on the upswing with developers

Although programming languages such as Java, Objective-C, and JavaScript garner the lion’s share of attention these days, don’t count out Microsoft’s Visual Basic .Net (VB.Net), which has been on a mostly upward trend in the Tiobe language popularity index. For the first time ever, VB.Net cracked the Tiobe Index’s 10 most popular languages, grabbing the […]

Windows 8 Tuning (for VDI- but still QUITE interesting)

Windows 8 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure image client tuning guide Microsoft Corporation Published: August 2013 Abstract This guide describes important tuning parameters and settings that you can adjust to optimize the Windows 8 operating system image being deployed as part of a Windows Server 2012 Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) solution. The guide is for IT pros […]


REMINDER.. ROUNDING SUCKS Banker’s Rounding When you add rounded values together, always rounding .5 in the same direction results in a bias that grows with the more numbers you add together. One way to minimize the bias is with banker’s rounding. Banker’s rounding rounds .5 up sometimes and down sometimes. The convention is to round […]