Strategies for Managing Spreadmarts

Business users are empowered by knowledge—and knowledge comes, in part, from having access to accurate and timely information. It is generally up to the information technology (IT) department to supply this information. But it doesn’t always work out that way. Definition of a Spreadmart. TDWI used the following definition of a spreadmart in the survey it […]

Building your own app without any coding

I am interested in trying out these IDE that are targeted towards non-programmers. I think that Microsoft Access is easily one of the most productive tools ever built.. And it was targeted towards non programmers. I detest Access as a database… But as an IDE it really filled a nice role when Microsoft betrayed millions […]

my favorite Windows API calls in VB

When a VBA solution falls short of your needs, there’s probably a Windows API function that can handle the job. Susan Harkins lists 10 handy APIs and explains how you can put them to work. Office developers rely heavily on VBA. But even though it’s versatile and robust, it doesn’t do everything. Sometimes, a VBA […]

Microsoft restores transfer rights for retail Office 2013 copies

Looks like Microsoft caved on office 2013 licensing, now if we could get them to restore sql server compatibility in Microsoft access 2013, then maybe I would consider it. Until then, I will avoid office 2013 like the plague.

VSTO Add-ins for Access?

I still don’t understand why this isn’t fully supported. Is Visio and Project _REALLY_ more popular than MS Access? I don’t think so!?!?!   Well here’s a work around, looking forward to trying this out!   Armed with this information, you can see it would be pretty easy to create a VSTO add-in […]

I detest Oracle, it is a halfwit database for morons. My first job outta college, I had six Oracle dev/dba at this HP funded startup, and they couldn’t do simple ecommerce. I just think that Microsoft olap owns the market, and any company not using olap is stupid. I just wish that Microsoft would include […]

Don't rewrite old code 'just becase it's old'             Joel on Software Things You Should Never Do, Part I by Joel Spolsky Thursday, April 06, 2000 Netscape 6.0 is finally going into its first public beta. There never was a version 5.0. The last major release, version 4.0, was released almost three years ago. Three years is an awfully long time in […]