GOOGLE+. Why discussions about "real names" are out-of-date – Forbes

The internet is not a virtual world anymore; the internet makes our life a connected life. So should we abandon anonymity? Let’s take the problem from a different point of view: in the “unconnected” life, you can publish and talk anonymously if you want to. It’s not easy, or usual, but it’s sometimes necessary, because […]

When to upsize a Microsoft Access database to Microsoft SQL Server

Server-based processing Microsoft designed Microsoft SQL Server from the beginning as a client/server database. Data and indexes reside on a single server computer that is often accessed over the network by many client computers. SQL Server reduces network traffic by processing database queries on the server before sending results to the client. Thus, your client/server […]

Understanding and Creating an Access Project – ASP Free

Creating the Project Open the MS Access application from Start -> All Programs. This brings up the application and displays the following screen. The MS Access Project related items are shown bracketed in a red rectangle. You have two options, if you have created a Access project. For now, click on Project (New Data). Access […]

Using Access to build a front end for SQL Server | TechRepublic

What’s an Access Data Project? Over the years, Access has proven to be a useful front end for the big databases, even though you were limited to using pass-through queries or linked tables. Now you have the Access Data Project (ADP), which is much cleaner and easier to work with. An ADP is a specific […]

Migration considerations for Access 2007

Access Data Projects (ADPs) An Access Data Project is an OLE document file, such as the .xls or.doc file formats. It contains forms, reports, macros, VBA modules, and a connection string. All tables and queries are stored in SQL Server. The ADP architecture was designed to create client-server applications. Because of this, there is a […]