Jet ZeroDay Exploit

Just yet ANOTHER reason to NEVER use Microsoft Access for any reason: Microsoft had failed to patch the flaw in due time and they decided to make the issue public, so users and companies could take actions to protect themselves against any exploitation attempts. It looks like Microsoft is pretty serious about NOT caring about […]

The Microsoft Access ADP Story

by Philipp Stiefel, originally published May 15th, 2018 Access Logo copyright by Microsoft, background photo by Philipp Stiefel, all rights reserved. Access Data Projects were a very powerful project type in Microsoft Access. Unfortunately, they have become deprecated. To say goodbye and bid them farewell I wrote down the story behind the ADPs. They might […]

Using Microsoft Access as a Front-end to MySQL

You can use Microsoft Access as a front end to MySQL by linking tables within your Microsoft Access database to tables that exist within your MySQL database. When a query is requested on a table within Access, ODBC is used to execute the queries on the MySQL database. To create a linked table: Open the […]

ADP are ten times faster than Jet at some things

The primary benefit(s) of an Access Data Project is that (a) you get the stability, scalability, and security of a real SQL database, while (b) still using the well-known MS Access front-end and programming. (a) As I’m sure you are aware, Access MDB files demonstrate a lot of problems when shared by multiple users at […]

WordPress Search can work for BILLIONS of Documents?

I was surprised when I read this: There are open-source scalable search solutions – like Elasticsearch and Solr – that work with WordPress to optimize search indexes. They can deliver near-instant search results across millions, even billions, of source documents. I really don’t think that I’ll be using WordPress to catalog Millions or Billions of […]

Safari for the Free and Open Internet

I almost spilled coffee when I read this: “We have an app called Safari,” Cook added. “Safari is the app for you if you want to look at anything that’s on the free and open Internet that’s not on our app store.” Right.  Safari for the ‘Free and Open Internet’.  Keep telling yourself that.. and […]