Square monthly installments

This looks cool. Square, the payment provider that integrates with WooCommerce now offers a payment plan or financing to users. If I could sell a website for about a grand and then allow people to make payments? That would be amazing. I will have to look at this.. but I’m curious what services a traditional bank could provide that would be similar.. but with local branches? That is why I prefer brick and mortar a lot of times.

Having a location for me to visit is just necessary for some types of businesses. I wish that square would tie these services to a local bank to make it easier to manage.

Does square even allow you to have multiple employees setup in different roles? If I had an accountant and a clerk to run then cash register could I even segment the offerings of square to separate the duties of my courtesy clerk to be allowed to do certain things and then it would allow my accountant to do other activities?

That is how every service should get modeled after. Point and click only goes so far when you are trying to run a business.


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