eBay ‘Replatforming’ with Its Own Servers

I was lucky enough to interview with Ebay in 2005 or so. They wanted me to come down and help them to automate the creation of some pivot tables that were embedded into their PowerPoint presentations.

I was very interested in the job. But after about 8 individual interviews I had the chance to talk to someone who was an Excel Power User.

Unfortunately, the person that I was interviewing with started talking about how frustrating it was to use Microsoft Excel because Excel has this limitation of 2gb per file. Note, this was before the new dot Xlsx format in Excel.

I told that guy that I would advocated the removal from everyone’s desktop of Microsoft Excel.

I didn’t get the job, as you can imagine. But I’d rather he dead than not speak my mind, you know?

I wonder what the architecture of Ebay looks like these days. This article says that eBay answers 300 billion queries per day. Isn’t that just amazing?