US Marshalls – Profiled Most Wanted

The following is a consolidated and partial listing of the fugitives which are profiled on the U.S. Marshals Service website.  The list includes 15 Most Wanted fugitives, Major Case fugitives and local fugitives wanted by U.S. Marshal District offices.  It does not represent all fugitives wanted by the U.S. Marshals Service.

ABBOTT-BAERGA, Raymond (15 Most Wanted)District of Puerto Rico
ABEJA, JoseNorthern District of Illinois
ACEVES, DanielEastern District of Wisconsin
AGUILAR, MariaEastern District of Tennessee
AGUIRRE-GALINDO, ManuelSouthern District of California
AKERLY, Michael EdwardWestern District of Pennsylvania
ALARCON, Robert L. Northern District of Illinois
ALIKU, ArsenEastern District of Wisconsin
ANDERSON, James Edward (Major Case)Eastern District of Virginia
ATAYANTS, Karrn AlbertovichDistrict of South Dakota
ATMAN, Aubrey LeeEastern District of Tennessee
BARMES, Marvin L. Western District of Pennsylvania
BARON-VARGAS, NorbertoDistrict of Oregon
BARRAGAN, Armando (Major Case)Eastern District of Wisconsin
BASHA, BekejoEastern District of Wisconsin
BECKER, ChristinaEastern District of Missouri
BELMAREZ, RubenSouthern District of Alabama
BONNESS, David (15 Most Wanted)District of South Dakota
BROVOLD, Curtis LeeDistrict of North Dakota
BURROUGHS, Anthony Seth (15 Most Wanted)District if Arizona
CAMPBELL, Stephen CraigDistrict of Wyoming
CANDELARIO, PedroWestern District of Pennsylvania
CARRILLO, Vicente (Major Case)Western District of Texas
CASTRO, Erwin ArturoSouthern District of Iowa
CASTRO, Raul (Major Case)Northern District of New York
CATALAN-HERNANDEZ, RubenDistrict of Colorado
CHACON, JesusMiddle District of Louisiana
CHISM, Larry Porter (15 Most Wanted)Middle District of Tennessee
CLUTCHETTE, Gregory (Major Case)District of Maryland
COCHRAN, Orville J.(Major Case)Eastern District of Wisconsin
CORRAL, Manuel EnriqueNorthern District of Illinois
CORREA, RicardoDistrict of Idaho
CORTEZ-MARTINES, RemberEastern District of Pennsylvania
CREAMER, David (15 Most Wanted)District of Arizona
DIAZ, Roberto CarrilloWestern District of North Carolina
DIXON, Clive A.Western District of Pennsylvania
DUARTE, AurelianoDistrict of Idaho
DUQUE, Alfonso (Major Case)District of New Hampshire
ELMOUSTAPHA, MohamedNorthern District of Iowa
FARFAN, DavidEastern District of Pennsylvania
FIGUEROA-GARCIA, RobertoDistrict of Oregon
FILIPESCU, FlorinEastern District of Michigan
FRIEDEL, ThomasEastern District of Wisconsin
GAMBOA, Marco AntonioWestern District of Texas
GARCIA, Gabriel AlcazarEastern District of Tennessee
GARCIA, Franklyn (Major Case)Middle District of Pennsylvania
GARCIA, Guillermo (Major Case)Southern District of Florida
GASTON, Corey Deshawn (15 Most Wanted)Western District of Michigan
GILBERT, GlennSouthern District of West Virginia
GOLLAZ, OmarEastern District of Wisconsin
GONZALEZ, AldoDistrict of Nevada
GONZALEZ-VALDEZ, FredrickSouthern District of California
GRADY, TylerWestern District of North Carolina
GREER, WilliamSouthern District of Texas
GRIEBEL, Kevin L.Northern District of Iowa
HADDAD, Rabah ElSouthern District of Florida
HANS, KulwantEastern District of Wisconsin
HARRIS, Jwyanza Du’ShawnEastern District of Michigan
HAYES, Vernon LeighWestern District of North Carolina
HENDERSON, ChristopherEastern District of Pennsylvania
HENDERSON, Clarence EdwardDistrict of Montana
HERRERO-GUERRO, CarlosEastern District of Pennsylvania
HERRERO-GUERRO, RobertoEastern District of Pennsylvania
HIERS, Daniel William Jr. (15 Most Wanted)District of South Carolina
HILL, JamesDistrict of New Hampshire
HUNT, DavidNorthern District of Oklahoma
JAIME, RicardoDistrict of Nevada
JIMENEZ, Rigoberto, Jr.District of Nebraska
JOHNSON, Kellye FowlerWestern District of North Carolina
KHAN, Waseem JafarNorthern District of Oklahoma
KING, Robert Lee (15 Most Wanted)Western District of TennesseeNorthern District of Illinois
KNIGHT, Terry LeeEastern District of Tennessee
KUMAR, LovkeshSouthern District of California
LEE, Ricky JoeEastern District of Tennessee
LEFRANDT, Frank Jr.District of Hawaii
LOPEZ, RobertoNorthern District of Illinois
LOPEZ, Vidal LaraWestern District of Michigan
LOZA, Carlos AlbertoDistrict of Arizona
MARTINEZ, JoseEastern District of Wisconsin
MARTINEZ, ToribioEastern District of Wisconsin
MARTINEZ, Victor AndresWestern District of North Carolina
MASON, DannyMiddle District of Louisiana
MASSACHI, RachelWestern District of North Carolina
MCLEAN, Frederick (15 Most Wanted)Southern District of California
MCNEISH, Ena (Major Case)Northern District of New York
MOHAMMED JawadNorthern District of Oklahoma
MOYA, Jose ManuelNorthern District of Iowa
MURIETTA-CANALES, RodrigoSouthern District of California
NAGARA, MikeDistrict of Nevada
NEVERSON, Andre (15 Most Wanted)Southern District of New York
NGUYEN, HieuWestern District of Wisconsin
NGUYEN, JimmyEastern District of Missouri
NODINE, Howard James (Major Case)Northern District of New York
OROZCO, Moises AlejandroEastern District of Texas
PADILLA, AntonioEastern District of Wisconsin
PARKER, Charles Leon (Major Case)U.S. Marshals Service Major Cases
PAYNE, Lonnie JosephMiddle District of Louisiana
PEREZ, RicardoDistrict of North Dakota
PEREZ-SANTOS, DanielEastern District of Wisconsin
PINEDA-CONSUEGRA, Gonzalo (Major Case)Northern District of Florida
POMAR, Omar (Major Case)Northern District of Florida
PONCE, ChristopherMiddle District of Florida
PRESIGA-DURANGO, Julio Cesar (Major Case)Northern District of Florida
QUIAMBAO, BernardDistrict of Hawaii
RAMIREZ, EliasNorthern District of Illinois
RENDON, Rogero (Major Case)Northern District of Florida
RIOS-GALLARDO, JavierDistrict of North Dakota
RIVERA, Gustavo Martinez (Major Case)Southern District of California
RIZIK-RODRIGUEZ, Winston (Major Case)Northern District of Florida
ROBERSON, DonaldNorthern District of Oklahoma
ROBLES, SergioEastern District of Wisconsin
ROMAN-MARTINEZ, IsraelWestern District of Texas
RUFFO, John (15 Most Wanted)Eastern District of Virginia
RUIZ, Francisco Mejia (Major Case)Western District of Texas, District of Massachusetts
SCHMITH, Randy PhillipEastern District of Missouri
SMITH, James Alexander IIIWestern District of North Carolina
SUAREZ, OscarEastern District of Wisconsin
SUAREZ, PeterWestern District of Wisconsin
SUAREZ, RobertoDistrict of New Hampshire
TABOR, James CraigDistrict of Hawaii
TAPIA-MARTINEZ, Curi CaberiDistrict of North Dakota
TAUFA, AlifeletiDistrict of Hawaii
TAYLOR, LewisEastern District of Wisconsin
TEMPLE, Jason (Major Case)Eastern District of Wisconsin
THOMPSON, AaronNorthern District of Oklahoma
TREVINO, JorgeEastern District of Missouri
TRITES, Lorrie JohnEastern District of Pennsylvania
VALDEZ, DanielEastern District of Wisconsin
VALENDIA, ChristianDistrict of Hawaii
VALENTIN, Lenin RafaelEastern District of Pennsylvania
VUONG, Do TanEastern District of Louisiana
WATTS, James GarlandWestern District of Pennsylvania
WENCKE, WalterSouthern District of California
WHITE, Walter BruceSouthern District of Alabama
YAGER, MichaelNorthern District of Iowa