Where do I store important articles?

I am hoping to be able to do something similar to what Mozilla is doing for Pocket. I use Pocket for some stuff, and I use Google Sheets for some data. I use Google chrome bookmarks for some links.

Recently I have been saving articles in Facebook and in Reddit.

I store some articles in MHTML format, but I am trying to get rid of tha t format.

I have always hoarded PDF, but I really do not have that many right now.

Today, I realized that I need to be able to do the same things with ebooks. I’m going to go and focus on Ebooks for a couple of hours and see where I get.

I would like to be able to push all of these sources into a couple of tables in Microsoft Sql Server and I also sync this data into MongoDB so that I can make it ‘webscale’ lol

How Firefox is using Pocket to try to build a better news feed than Facebook from Android

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