Messy Chrome Bookmarks

Bookmarks, shortcuts. Lists of URLs.. sometimes it gets to be too much to deal with.

I wish that somehow Chrome Bookmarks could just magically fix their duplication problem. I’ve tried many tools and nothing seems to work right.

I just wish that it was easier to share data between different apps without needing to write code. I mean, I guess I was spoiled because SSIS makes it so easy to import data from multiple places.

Wouldn’t it be nice if Google actually had a vision when it comes to making data professionals more powerful?

Wouldn’t it be nice if Bookmarks were a first class citizen when it comes to Google Plus? I should be able to easily share all my bookmarks with someone else. As it is, it’s just too much of a pain for most people.

How many people do YOU know that actually share YouTube playlists with their friends and family ? I don’t think I have ever met anyone that knows what a playlist in YouTube DOES.

22 years ago, when I first started using the Mp3 format.. I realized that playlists are a bigger deal than media files.

What is spotty? A place to share playlists with your friends.

I’ve always seen Google as the antichrist.

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