It may be time to change your default Web browser

I got a chuckle when I saw this. I used to love Safari for Windows. It was really the only browser that properly remembered Windows Authentication passwords.

For most of the last 20 years, my favorite browser was Internet Explorer. I just love being able to use Visual Basic for scripting DHTML and making websites dynamic. It used to be that I loved ActiveX controls like Office Web Components more than any other control in the whole wide world.

It used to be very easy to build applications that looked like Google Spreadsheets or more importantly.. Adhoc reporting solutions using client-side Pivottablea. I have always preferred Office Web Components to Microsoft Excel.

I don’t care what anyone says.. ad hoc reporting in Office Web Components, I STILL think that it is the coolest reporting platform that I have ever used. I know that there were a couple of large companies in the world that invested in using Office Web Components for reporting on SQL Server Analysis Services. At Safeco and at Expedia I was critical in managing that infrastructure.. and I used OWC extensively on my first real success at Microsoft (Working for Microsoft Corporate Security and building database driven intrusion detection applications was my favorite role of all time).

But for most of the past 5 years, my favorite browser has been Firefox.

I hate Chrome because it is such a ridiculous memory hog.

Why don’t I love Node.js? Because Chrome sucks, it is a memory hog.

Stuck on Chrome? Always use Safari? It may be time to break up with your default Web browser.

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