Google News has really gone down hill

Why is it that Google News stopped listing my custom topics?

If you’re not familiar with Google News.. it used to be sort of like Reddit. For example, in reddit you can subscribe to the Seahawks channel.

This would be available at

In Google News (which is available at ), you would enter ‘Seahawks’ in the search box and then you would hit ‘subscribe’.

Today, I don’t see my custom topics in Google News and it’s been like this for a couple of weeks. Whether I am using Google News in the web browser, or via the Google News Android app, it just doesn’t show the custom topics any longer.

That sucks.

Google has a serious problem in building great products.. and then killing off great software or services.. with no replacement in sight. Google is famous for doing this – killing off great software and services because of short term and short sighted concerns.

I guess I’ll just start using Bing more and more today and in the future !!

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