Code Injection in Moodle

This is fascinating to me. Learning about Moodle in this way makes it easy to see some really really interesting features.

Being able to provide a different set of numbers for edvery student, it seems like things are more complex than what it needs to be. But then I thought about it.. and I guess the job of a teacher or professor is a LOT harder than I thought it is. Being able to catch people cheating on tests has got to be SUCH a hassle.

I’m surprised that it takes extensive testing my 3rd party companies to come up with these vulnerabilities. But I am glad that this sort of testing is being done!

If this software was not open source it would probably still be vulnerable today!

I have played with Moodle a couple of times.. I’ve actually played with almost ALL of the apps from TurnkeyLinux.

I really love the simplicity of TurnkeyLinux. I am hoping to start providing technical reviews of these applications so that I can share my knowledge with YOU, my readers.

Do YOU want to learn more about ?

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