Big Data?

I have played with Hadoop quite a bit, and especially Docker, HyperV. I have built thousands of VMs over the years. Yes. I focus on data. But I play with a lot of other tools. I mastered Enterprise ETL back in 2000 when I started combining dozens of business sources.

Thank You!

THANK YOU for your interest in working with me. I have a lot of experience, from ETL to Business Intelligence, DBA to DB Development. I am very well rounded and love Linux, Big Data, Deployment and Automation. I have done a lot with MySql and Postgres. I love custom extensions to Postgres.

Oracle’s Database Future Could Be Dimming

On Jan. 2, technology news outlet The Information published a report suggesting that hyperscale cloud vendors Amazon (AMZN) and Salesforce (CRM) are aggressively moving down the path of migrating operations off Oracle’s (ORCL) database technology and onto open-source and/or internally developed solutions. The Information’s report cites sources with knowledge of the projects underway at Amazon […]