Hotmail was bought by Microsoft 20 years ago

I loved Hotmail when it first came out.

I really loved working with a web based email client.. when I was in college, we had to use Eudora and Pegasus Email applications… can we even call them applications?  I’m talking about a DOS-style program..

I used Hotmail for many years.. but somehow, old accounts have to whither and die in order for new life.   I still have my first email account forwarding all of those emails to my primary gmail account.  But I haven’t been able to sign into that account for a long time.

When I was working at Microsoft MSN ‘Quality of Service’ I had a lot of fun looking at Log files.  I had always loved playing with the verbose Log files.  When you join to a Log table (I am of the opinion that most log files should be pushed into a database.. more on that later!) with a ‘non-equijoin’ it makes it really easy to find the strings you are looking for.  It is gorgeous.

In other words, instead of saying

SELECT * FROM LogTable1 WHERE LOGTEXT LIKE ‘%corruption%’ what you do is store the phrase %corruption% in a mask-style table.. and then join using the LIKE clause.  I’m sure that you all know what I am talking about.

Instead of having to lookup the word ‘corruption’ and then look for the word ‘Intelligence’ you can put all of those masks into a table, and then build a VIEW in order to simplify searches.

This makes a lot more sense than sitting through a table scan and looking for the word ‘corruption’ and then sitting through another table scan and looking for the word ‘intelligence’.

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