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I ran into this quote today and was immediately initrigued.

(a) popular theme – like “The7” or “Divi” – is equal to hundreds and hundreds of plugins. Yet, plugins get the blame for slowdowns. Not the bloated popular theme.


This really blows my mind..   I swear about 85% of my time during software development lies in trying to find a way to make the software run faster.

I really don’t think that most developers spend enough time and effort on trying to improve performance.  Performance is what determines how many features you can deliver (with acceptable performance).

But do you  know what the REAL problem is?

Most employers don’t WANT fast performance.  I truly believe that people think that asking for acceptable performance is an extravagant option.  I hate it when the Middle Managers don’t listen to the ‘smartest person in the room’.  It’s happened many times..  but when people don’t give a shit about performance..  it reminds me of my first real programming job, at Briazz from 2000 to November 2001.  When the normal employees would head home for the weekend.. the finance people would run around, and turn all the desktops back on..  and ‘queue up reports so that they would run all weekend’.  Oh, for the record ‘CRYSTAL REPORTS SUCKS’.

I have had at least HALF of my clients say something like  ‘Oh, don’t worry about performance, we can do  that LATER!’..  I just shake my head in  disbelief.

In my opinion, the better that you design your data types, the skinnier your tables, and thus the more rows per page.  You can almost ALWAYS drive performance faster.. by planning, testing and of course the KISS principle.  For those who don’t know the Acronym, KISS stands for ‘KEEP IT SIMPLE STUPID’.

HELL NO I don’t believe in ‘premature optimization’.  I believe that you should do things RIGHT the first time.. like  my friend Matt Nelson used to say:

‘Do it Nice’ or ‘Do it Twice’



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