Are you Agile?

I  love Agile.   I think that most of the time, the software implementation, the scrum master.. I think that it is ‘too complex’.  80% of the time I do software, I just build a simple task list.. and add a couple of stastus fields. I’m constantly surprised that more organizations don’t take ‘Source Control’ seriously. […]

Collection of Amazing PowerShell Scripts

I discovered this list of essential PowerShell scripts today, and I wanted to share this information with you. Clean up admin group Having multiple users on a local administration group creates one of the biggest and most common loopholes for a hacker to break in to. This script gives you the ability to remove the […]

WordPress Theme Selection

I ran into this quote today and was immediately initrigued. (a) popular theme – like “The7” or “Divi” – is equal to hundreds and hundreds of plugins. Yet, plugins get the blame for slowdowns. Not the bloated popular theme. This really blows my mind..   I swear about 85% of my time during software development […]