buy one or two Red Hat Enterprise licenses and use CentOS everywhere else.

I ran across this quote on Stack Overflow today.. I just HAD to share.

“most of my customers do is have only one or two genuine RedHat systems, and run most of their computers on CentOS, which is a free rebuild of RedHat. If a problem is found, it is reproduced on the RedHat systems, and the vendor will happily support the issue from there.”

This seems like a TERRIFIC strategy for maximizing your ROI.. and a good way to spend a LITTLE bit of money.. and make it stretch.

HOW HAVE I *NOT* HEARD OF THIS STRATEGY? Although I STARTED playing with Linux about 12 years ago.. I never really have been happy with it.. It seems like there was ALWAYS one or two things that just killed my attention for Linux.  For example.. I didn’t REALIZE that apt-get would upgrade mySQL.. for the LONGEST time.  That is like.. the most fascinating thing in the world to me.  Upgrading mySQL.. is one thing.. that has ALWAYS made me terrified. I just do NOT want to have to troubleshoot a ‘mysql backup’ by hand.. Just AMAZED with how flaky mySQL is with some things.

I’ve ALWAYS had a chip on my shoulder.. about mySQL performance. It has always seemed like WordPress runs WWWWAAAAAAYYYYYYYY too slow when it gets about 100k records.. and I’m a TOTAL snob about performance.  I just insist.. that the indexing options in mySQL are COMPLETLY inferior to MS SQL Server.   but it’s just NOT WORTH FIFTY GRAND PER PROCESSOR for Microsoft.

Performance is always a bit of a touchy subject for my clients.  Not BAD performance.. it’s just that they’re SCARED TO ASK FOR GOOD PERFORMANCE.

I swear.. MOST clients I’ve had over the past 15 years… for some reason claim that they ‘don’t care about performance’.  I really don’t get it. of COURSE everyone wants better performance..   Why are people TERRIFIED to care about performance. Is it the PRICE TAG?

Looking back.. I have recommended Linux / BSD / Debian / Ubuntu systems.. at my last couple of jobs.. and I’m just NOT HAPPY working in a bigoted shop.   I’m not sure I can EVER work in a ‘Microsoft-Only’ shop ever again.  It’s like RACISM to me… when people won’t consider Linux.. ‘just because they don’t know it’.  That can’t be an excuse.. not for another day.   I *USED* to be the ‘most mindless Microsoft drone ever invented’.  My backyard.. growing up.. was about 100 yards from Redmond city limits.   But YEAR after YEAR. when Microsoft keeps on changing things ‘just for the hell of it’.. I’m sick of it.  I’m TOO CONSERVATIVE to be on the Microsoft stack anymore.  Fully 80% of the time that I’ve invested.. in training, and practicing MIcrosoft skillset.. has been flushed down the drain… because Microsoft *ALWAYS* has to come out with the ‘latest and greatest’.

I’m just SICK and tired of being tied to a single vendor.

I’ve been TRYING to push Linux.. for a FEW years now… And now that I’m emotionally involved with WordPress.. I’ve really set out to expand my horizons.. and learn a LOT more.

I just LOVE the challenge. I guess that Windows has BORED me.  I really feel like I haven’t had a challenge in the Microsoft world.. in what FEELS like a long time.

I *NEVER* saw the excitement.. in trying to work my butt off for a decade.. focusing on learning TEN LANGUAGES to replace VB6.  I think that Microsoft lost the war.. when they alienated their best constituency in 2002.



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