Why can't I *SEARCH* for a particular Virtual Machine across all HOSTS??

I have hundreds of virtual machines.. Literally.. Hundreds.  I was looking to kick off a project today.. and I couldn’t for the LIFE of me.. find the VM that I’m looking for.  That is just SAD.

I honestly.. currently.. only have FIVE host machines..  I think that I found the right next almost-free machine for virtualization.

Being able to get up to 32gb RAM for just another $160.. that’s what I’ve bene waiting for ALL my life.  Getting it up to a couple of TB ALL SSD.. This sweet cheap server has NINE Sata Ports. And PLENTY of room for expansion.

I really need to get into an E5 sometime. BAD.

The last couple of PCs I bought.. out of Portland.. 5 HP Proliant ML150 G5 for 300 total.

Looking forward to spending more time on Docker. and Routing.. Proxies.


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