France to force programming teaching starting at age 10

Looks to me like France.. Of ALL COUNTRIES.. Is forcing kids to learn how to program.  This is fascinating. I was about 10 when I started programming.  I just wish that my programming education continued through to today.

I learned on BASIC. I love BASIC.  Realistically.. I am sure these kids will be learning Python.. Not BASIC.

I wish that there were more programming offerings everywhere. Not even Tacoma Community College has any REAL options for me to expand my programming knowledge.

I firmly believe that EVERY SINGLE PERSON IN THE WORLD should know how to program.  Maybe I am egocentric in this belief. I don’t care.

Most people look down on programming as something nerds do. Maybe through mandatory conscription of everyone.. Will help to get MOST PEOPLE better in tune with the needs of their employers.

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