buy one or two Red Hat Enterprise licenses and use CentOS everywhere else.

I ran across this quote on Stack Overflow today.. I just HAD to share. “most of my customers do is have only one or two genuine RedHat systems, and run most of their computers on CentOS, which is a free rebuild of RedHat. If a problem is found, it is reproduced on the RedHat systems, […]

App Integration vs Data Integration – Who Will Win?

I was at Starbucks the other day (surprise, surprise) with my friend Matt whose company was getting ready to invest significant time and money to integrate the ERP systems of a company that they had just acquired. I asked him why bother integrating operational systems (except to ensure that the different operational systems are using […] – Rubber ducking as a service

Rubber ducking is a nickname given to the process of brainstorming.. I can’t describe how may times.. I have tried giving technical explanations to nontechnical users.. And throughout that verbal process.. I always learned things I couldn’t have imagined. The concept of ‘rubber ducking’ means.. That instead of WASTING THE TIME of your best customers.. […]

Why can't I *SEARCH* for a particular Virtual Machine across all HOSTS??

I have hundreds of virtual machines.. Literally.. Hundreds.  I was looking to kick off a project today.. and I couldn’t for the LIFE of me.. find the VM that I’m looking for.  That is just SAD. I honestly.. currently.. only have FIVE host machines..  I think that I found the right next almost-free machine for […]

Docker 1.0 – The Biggest Disruption in Tech for 2014

I think that Docker is clearly the most important piece of software to come out in the past 20 years. I look forward to using Docker for automation, deployments, continuous integration.. Docker is a fascinating tool.. Really look forward to using it everywhere I go.

France to force programming teaching starting at age 10

Looks to me like France.. Of ALL COUNTRIES.. Is forcing kids to learn how to program.  This is fascinating. I was about 10 when I started programming.  I just wish that my programming education continued through to today. I learned on BASIC. I love BASIC.  Realistically.. I am sure these kids will be learning Python.. […]

Not so fast, NoSQL — SQL still reigns

Glad to see MSSQL is still the most popular. I think that most projects..  SQL Server Express is the best choice.. MySql just can’t compete with the indexing options available with free MSSQL. When it comes to which database technologies are currently in use at the participating companies, the results featured established commercial products like […]