This cup measures caffeine and sugar in the cup.  Isn’t technology amazing? http://mobile.pcmag.com/?origref=http%3A%2F%2Fnews.google.com%2F#!/article/5399cf18ec06917b8a000062-this-cup-can-tell-the-difference-between-coke-and-pepsi

dvdisaster – awesome tool for burning DVDs with Error-Correction

this is just like RAID that utilizes the empty space on a DVD to give more resiliency Absolutely AMAZING software I keep on having errors on these TINY CDs that I have been trying to burn..  I’ll bet that this is because I’m using ‘Storage Spaces’ with tiering.. and my CD burning program doesn’t know […]

Google’s New All-Seeing Satellites Have Huge Potential—For Good and Evil | Business | WIRED

Skybox can take photos from 500 miles up with a sub-one-meter resolution of the ground below. That isn’t not likely to sit well with privacy activists who already don’t trust Google. What does the right to be forgotten mean when Google can always see you anyway? Skybox’s pedigree likely won’t help assuage anyone who likes […]

How to find work as a Freelance Web Developer

Awesome advice.. Had to share My advice: * avoid freelancing sites like elance. It will artificially deflate your value and it’s basically a breeding ground for cheap clients. Remember, most clients are going there to try to get work done as dirt cheap as possible. * Go to meetups, conferences, and events – specifically tech […]

Data Architect Salary Levels Up: Robert Half Technology Blog

“This challenging role involves more than just ensuring data centers are secure, co-located and accessible,” explains Eric Younkin, Branch Manager at Robert Half Technology’s Cleveland location. “A data architect is responsible for the complicated processes that are essential to making strategic business decisions.” According to Younkin, because data is now taking center stage in many organizations, […]