Small Business Email Provider – need recommendations

So I have decided to change my domain.. My email address. I am trying to increase the value of my brand.

I think I have decided on TWO URLs. I will share them soon.

One half of my career.. To focus on databases, mostly SQL Server, MySQL and Hadoop. 

The other half of my career.. Has primarily been a hobby of mine.  I love WordPress. I just am fascinated by the productivity gains that are realized by standardizing on the worlds most popular platform.

I will be sharing these domain names.. And moving my blogs soon.  I am excited to peer into the future and plan for this.

The ONE major sticking point in my plan. EMAIL.

I just can’t stand paying for email service.. But I REALLY need to get some productivity solution that includes a calendar.  Any ideas of where to turn? I need a custom domain name. And calendar. And FREE.

MOST importantly. I need to support multiple accounts.  I want to segregate my sales leads from existing clients communication. I want to be able to close one inbox.. And get 8 hours of work done. Without hearing from people about new opportunities.

Currently, I have something like a hundred thousand emails in gmail.  This makes it hard to find things.

If you have any advice on where to look for custom domains.. Hosted email, multiple accounts.. And zero cost.. Currently the best option I can see.. Is GoDaddy Virtual Private Servers. They have not one.. But THREE webmail providers available automatically with each of my websites. I didn’t have to lift a finger.  I just  apprehensive about how this will work.. Once I start doing more broadcast emails..

I think that Broadcast Emails are a critical option for MOST companies.. But most people are too scared to do it. I love getting email reminders.. I love getting automatic email reminders. And scheduled emails from clients and systems.

I just can’t BELEIVE that Google and Outlook / Microsoft don’t have lower priced email packages for businesses. I think it is called collusion.. When two giants copy each other’s actions… And stifle innovation.

What other options to I have? Yahoo?

ROFL.  As if.

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