Virtualization is dead. Long live Docker

Wow.. Looks like Docker 1.0 has shipped.. I am so excited about this.. I can’t wait to get home to play.

How is it that I am two days late getting this news? Oh yeah, I spent all day yesterday playing with PfSense.  It seems like when all is said and done.. Windows always wins when it comes to driver interoperability.. PfSense crashes on three distinct machines ranging from P4 to Athlon 6400 to Core 2 Duo.  I am honestly going to put one of my Xeon 5430 up next.. But with Windows I would never have this problem.

But Docker makes drivers irrelevant.  Drivers only matter when you CAN compete from a holistic perspective.  It would have been nice if Microsoft got drivers this easy.. TEN YEARS AGO!!

Windows 8, 8.1, and 2012.. Are awesome pieces of software.  I can’t wait to see what the next version of Windows Server will bring.

But most likely.. I will never use Windows Server ever again.

Docker is NOW everything that Virtualization was supposed to be seven years ago.  Virtualization, to me.. Was a non starter.. Because of performance degradation.

From what I have read.. Docker and UnionFS and BTRFS and ZFS.. Uh.. I just don’t think that Windows can compete any longer. I know that BSD and Linux have been around a long time.. But now.. ‘Ten years too late’ I finally see the value proposition of BSD / Linux.

Sure.. MySql sucks .. From a performance standpoint.. But HADOOP already won the war bro.

Docker is easily the most interesting platform I have ever worked with.  It is all about increasing cluster density through eliminating redundancy.

If HADOOP had ten instances per machine instead of four .. Then HADOOP would start winning benchmarks.

I still have some settings to config at the router level.  But this should allow me to have forty containers instead of a half dozen VMs.

I wish that Microsoft app-v HELPED performance and was THIS simple to deploy.

Windows is dead.
SQL Server is dead.
Long live Docker and HADOOP.

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