Small Business Email Provider – need recommendations

So I have decided to change my domain.. My email address. I am trying to increase the value of my brand. I think I have decided on TWO URLs. I will share them soon. One half of my career.. To focus on databases, mostly SQL Server, MySQL and Hadoop.  The other half of my career.. […]

Google Voice – Multiple Numbers – anyone use this ?

Hey does anyone I know use Google Voice in a business environment.. In order to screen calls? If so, I would love to talk (Seattle area code) 934 9333. I think I want two Google voice numbers.. One for personal and one for business.. And be able to screen calls from new clients.. So that […]

VersionPress is VERY important. And NOT getting enough funding

If anyone wants to contribute to a VERY good open source project.. I really think that VersionPress would be a great candidate.  I love WordPress. It makes web development fun again.. Every day I find a plugin that seems like a FANTASTIC feature. The one weak point in most WordPress projects has got to be […]

Why doesn't Facebook allow me to save DRAFTS before I post them?

I write a lot. Sorry. It happens.   I am frequently more verbose than necessary. I just for the life of me.. Can’t believe that FACEBOOK doesn’t have the decency. to allow me to save a DRAFT..  When I am halfway done with a thought.. I *SHOULD* be able to just ‘SAVE AS DRAFT’. Come […]

Microsoft Paying Bloggers To Write About Internet Explorer | Uncrunched

I think it is so sad that people give Microsoft such a hard time. I honestly love Internet Explorer. I don’t see anyone building easy Chrome automation tools using ActiveX control… The ability to push IE via Visual Basic means I have always cared less about other browsers. I just can’t fathom that a company […]

Strategies for Managing Spreadmarts

Business users are empowered by knowledge—and knowledge comes, in part, from having access to accurate and timely information. It is generally up to the information technology (IT) department to supply this information. But it doesn’t always work out that way. Definition of a Spreadmart. TDWI used the following definition of a spreadmart in the survey it […]

SSAS Performance – Best Practices and Performance Optimization

Optimizations of SSAS Cubes SSAS – Best Practices and Performance Optimization – Part 1 of 4–best-practices-and-performance-optimization–part-1-of-4/ Performance optimization techniques for source system design and network settings 1. To avoid more locks or lock escalations, you can specify the TABLOCK query hint while querying or ALLOW_ROW_LOCKS = OFF and ALLOW_PAGE_LOCKS = OFF when creating tables […]

Seattle, the New Center of a Tech Boom –

SEATTLE — From his ninth-floor office in downtown Seattle, Hewlett-Packard’s cloud computing outpost, Bill Hilf can see the Space Needle, the Pike Street Market and the future of computing. “There’s two security companies setting up over there,” said Mr. Hilf, the vice president of cloud product management at HP, pointing east. Toward the waterfront is Blue […]

Top 9 Analysis Services Tips

Try these unorthodox but effective best practices on your next project In 1998, Microsoft redefined the OLAP market with the introduction of Analysis Services (originally named OLAP Services), the multidimensional analytical database bundled with SQL Server. During this time, I’ve collected a list of lesser-known tips and best practices that can save Analysis Services developers time […]