unfortunate reality to CMS based web development

An unfortunate reality to CMS based web development is that in most cases developers are used to working alone.  When working with a CMS most of the programming involved is customization rather than from scratch development, so the need to involve multiple programmers as well as manage and coordinate a development team is minimized.

When a team is involved, a completely different work flow is involved.  Proper communication channels, development procedures, code testing constructs, naming schemes, and rules for system architecture must be in place in order for a programming team to work together effectively.  Moreover, developers must be well versed in these rules to work in that type of environment effectively.

The rules of a CMS are built to work within that particular system.  Isolating modules into packaged pieces that can be installed with the click of a button is a common mode of operation.  Within a sound application architecture, the goal is to minimize code replication so that entire logical systems can be altered from a single location over time to prevent maintenance time from growing at the same rate that the site grows.


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