The Sonics are coming home??

It looks like Steve Ballmer is starting to purchase the LA Clippers. I would be SOOOOO excited to have the Seattle SuperSonics back in town.  How often does a team in the playoffs get sold??

More importantly.. What does BASKETBALL have to do with databases and Visual Basic? (Stay tuned)

I know that Ballmer.. And Microsoft has a bad reputation. I don’t care.

I always loved Ballmer.  I just wish that Bill Gates never left.. Because then Visual Basic wouldn’t have gotten the short end of the stick.  It still breaks my heart that VB was the most popular language in the world just eleven years ago.

I don’t think that VB died because of OOP.  It died because of a marketing problem created by Sun.. And it is a tragedy that to this day there are about ten different roles that Visual Basic can fulfill..  C#  seems like such a half-baked solution to me.

Is C# ever going to support multiple inheritance? I honestly insist that Visual Basic will make a comeback.. JUST LIKE OUR SONICS… I can’t wait until Visual Basic comes home.

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