unfortunate reality to CMS based web development

An unfortunate reality to CMS based web development is that in most cases developers are used to working alone.  When working with a CMS most of the programming involved is customization rather than from scratch development, so the need to involve multiple programmers as well as manage and coordinate a development team is minimized. When […]

Database industry is growing fifty percent faster than the software market

QUITE INTERESTING. DATABASES ARE GROWING FIFTY PERCENT FASTER THAN THE SOFTWARE MARKET AS A WHOLE Revenue from software for structured data management and data access, analysis and delivery grew 7.3 percent and 6 percent, respectively in 2013, according to IDC. Both sectors grew faster than the software market as a whole, which grew 5.5 percent year […]

DevCoin – cryptocurrency to support open source development

Devcoin is an open source project designed to support open source projects through the use of a dedicated crypto currency. Crypto currency is a new form of digital money which is decentralized and runs on a distributed network of computers. Cryptographic techniques are used to secure the network and each individual’s funds, while open source […]

Microsoft Tackles 'SQL Server Sprawl'

Hewlett-Packard has partnered with Microsoft to introduce a preconfigured system for companies that want to perform analytics on data spread across many SQL Server databases. The HP ConvergedSystem 300 for the Microsoft Analytics Platform can draw structured data from SQL Servers and unstructured data from other sources. Diverse data sets can be brought into Microsoft’s SQL Server Parallel Data […]

mySQL Scalability on Amadon RDS

Today, I’d like to discuss getting better MySQL scalability on Amazon RDS. The question of the day: “What can you do when a MySQL database needs to scale write-intensive workloads beyond the capabilities of the largest available machine on Amazon RDS?” Let’s take a look. In a typical EC2/RDS set-up, users connect to app servers from their […]

SQL Server creates a histogram on the leading key but not on the other columns

the leading key should be the most selective column—number in our case. Allegedly (according to the recommendation), SQL Server creates a histogram on the leading key but not on the other columns; so if you follow the recommendation, the optimizer can produce better cardinality estimates, which tend to lead to more optimal choices. http://sqlmag.com/t-sql/optimization-tips-multiple-range-predicates-part-1

Supratimas – analysis tool for Microsoft SQL Server query execution plans

I found the GREATEST tool ever.. for analyzing SQL Server Query Plans.  I can’t wait to spend some more time with this! http://supratimas.com/ FEATURES Color Coding Nodes with cost of more than one per cent are colored blue. That makes it easier to find them. Output Display number of rows and total size of data […]