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  1. To all,
    Visual Basic 6.0 rises to 5th place in the official Index of programming language popularity for May 2014 while C# drops to 6th, and VB.Net is 11th:
    I also found this: https://www.facebook.com/MicrosoftVB
    Microsoft must be proud.
    VB6 has overtaken C# to become the most popular Microsoft programming language in the May 2014 Tiobe index.
    After all the time and money Microsoft have spent developing other programming languages, their leading language is Visual Basic 6 !

    1. Microsoft can goto hell. They are literally a slowly sinking battleship in an age of aircraft and lazers. They had some great products… they had an insurmountable lead ten years ago. And they somehow managed to screw it all up. I really don’t think that Microsoft has half as many developers mindshare as what they did ten years ago. I have heard of several people who claim that Microsoft still uses Classic ASP on a TON of Microosft.com. Wth?

      I never bought into dotnet.. i love the console applications.. but that is about it. And SqlClr is allright. I just cant believe they have had ten releases of visual studio since 1998.. and they still cant touch Classic ASP with regards to performance and simplicity. Maybe i just need to give up.. and get into MVC or something.. but when Microsoft BETRAYS THEIR DEVELOPERS with the way they treated ADP.. I will be damned if I ever give them any of my goodwill.

      Aaron Kempf
      Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Database Administrator
      206 934 9333

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