Internet Explorer ROCKS. Have I already told you this?

Internet Explorer & Modern Web Standards
Modern web applications require support for the latest web standards. With Internet Explorer 11, we have delivered our most standards-compliant browser ever, including extensive support for industry standards such as HTML5, CSS3, SVG, WebGL, and ECMAScript. We are committed to modern web standards and work closely with standards bodies like the W3C and Ecma International to help develop these standards and bring them to the marketplace through programs like the Internet Explorer Testing Center.

Test cases from the Internet Explorer Testing Center

While any browser can claim to support some or all of a specification, the test results from a comprehensive test suite are the best way to determine which browsers will render the same markup consistently. Microsoft created and maintains over 8,700 test cases that are shared with web standards organizations and the public, to ensure standards-based consistency across the ecosystem. Great standards support in Internet Explorer means that when you build sites based on modern web standards, your sites will work across browsers and devices that have adopted these industry standards. Building on HTML5 with Internet Explorer is the best way to develop for your business, today and tomorrow.

Another great resource is http – //, which contains tools, guidance, demos, and other resources to help update web sites to modern standards. There are free virtual machines for Windows, Mac, and Linux, as well as a compatibility scanner that works both online and offline. If you haven’t checked lately, it’s worth a visit!

In other news, as Joe Belfiore mentioned at Mobile World Congress, Microsoft is enhancing support for enterprise customers by improving Internet Explorer 8 compatibility in Internet Explorer 11. This is especially critical for web-based line of business applications, which may be standardized on older versions of Internet Explorer. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months, and please attend my TechEd North America session WIN-B320 for a deep dive on Internet Explorer application compatibility.

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