Healtcare.gov problem blamed on NoSQL backend : Database

Wow I have been wondering about this.. I’ve never understood why people reinvent the wheel. Sql Server is very scalable.. if I had to make it faster for imports.. I would split the dataset into multiple periods.. and keep all data in the slow bucket and the last weeks data in a smaller partition. I […]

Use Subqueries to Count Distinct 50X Faster

Count distinct is one of the most frustrating things I do.  Its slow.. and we dont have enough control over how it functions in Sql. I love analysis services.  The two primary reasons I use it is because it allows calculations with more control than sql. The count distict measure aggregation is amazing.  But limited. […]

4K is for programmers / Tiamat

  At our office, we just equipped all of the programmers’ workstations with Seiki 39″ 4K televisions as monitors. At $500 a piece, you should be doing the same. For the time being, there is no single higher-productivity display for a programmer.   Heralded by some as a “breakthrough,” the Seiki monitor—ahem, television—does have its […]

bulk XML of every federal and state law and court ruling (gigabytes of zipped data)

this looks amazing .. lots and lots of data about State and Federal laws in XML format. I’m looking forward to gettkng this data inside of SQL server. http://www.reddit.com/r/datasets/comments/1ur1pn/bulk_xml_of_every_federal_and_state_law_and_court/