Stubborn math problems

Tough Programming lesson for the day.. When your math doesn’t add up.. Numbers dont match.. its really easy to see a discrepancy of ten. But not every math problem can be solved by ten.

Sometimes it helps to try other numbers than 10 in order to solve equations.

Today I spent all day trying to figure out why my math wasn’t lining up.. Trying to convert from mbf to ft3 or vice versa.. It’s funny I didn’t even realize I was supposed to be using cubes (ft3) because everything is supposed to be mbf for this side of the company.

Well you know what they say about assumptions..

In the future I will be more willing to experiment with other numbers like 12 for example. I tried flipping numerators and denominators all day long.. Without success.

Finally asked one of the guys at work and he made it look too easy. just divide by 12, multiply times 12… I wish I had asked him about this problem two days ago!!

so for now my lesson for the day is this:
Try other numbers. Try to divide by 12 and or multiply times 12 to see if that helps make the numbers match. Then do the same thing for four and or three. Then figure out why your numbers are off by a factor 12 or 4 or 3. #magic

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