how to tell if a column in a view is REALLY Nullable or not

I’ve been trying to setup Indexed Views (with fulltext search).. And unforunately, it was pretty tough to troubleshoot. I kept on getting messages about not precise, or nullable, and I really needed to iron out WHICH column was giving me trouble, and what the trouble was. This SQL allowed me to look at the columns […]

how to rename tables or stored procedures with spaces in the name

Nothing in this whole wide world makes my blood boil quicker than seeing table names, sproc names, etc with spaces in the name. As usual #1) Run the script #2) Copy the results into a new window #3) Run the results How to fix table names with spaces in the name select ‘EXEC dbo.sp_rename @objname […]

How efficient is your database schema?

Fascinating article about compression ratio vs normalization 🙂 How efficient is your database schema? A suggestion for evaluation and an explanation thereof Posted on 7 August 2013 by anastasllc Summary: An easy way to tell how efficient your database schema is and how to tell whether it should be flatter or more relational is to […]


REMINDER.. ROUNDING SUCKS Banker’s Rounding When you add rounded values together, always rounding .5 in the same direction results in a bias that grows with the more numbers you add together. One way to minimize the bias is with banker’s rounding. Banker’s rounding rounds .5 up sometimes and down sometimes. The convention is to round […]