how to find a date – in SQL Server

#1 – create table CREATE TABLE TheDates( TheDate SMALLDATETIME, DbName varchar(255), TblName varchar(255), ColName varchar(255) ) #2 – run this in a database Select ‘insert into TheDates(TheDate, DbName, TblName, ColName) Select DATEADD(day, DATEDIFF(day, 0, [‘ + + ‘]), 0) as TheDate, ‘ + char(39) + DB_NAME() + char(39) + ‘ as DbName, ‘ + […]

14 Reasons To Fire Your IT Staff

A lobbyist for a Windows 8 Start button. Progress means sometimes evolving the UI. If an IT pro can’t handle a new Start button, how is he handling your other technologies? An administrator cites security as a reason for not implementing DirectAccess. Yesteryear’s VPN required complex choreography for a basic Layer 2 connection. DirectAccess is […]