union vs or clause

I bet many of SQL developers have attempted or have written SQL code like this: select    a.* from    tblA a join    tblB b on        a.DiscoverySerialNo = b.SerialNo or        a.DiscoverySerialNo = b.DiscSerialNo You must have noticed that code like this takes longer than usual, or even worse, never returns result. I haven’t analyze this so cannot […]

Power View for Cubes

  Power View for Cubes   By Ivan Paniagua, 2013/05/21   In this article I will evaluate the latest functionality provided by Microsoft SQL Server 2012 – Power View for Multidimensional Models. This SQL Server 2012 Community Technology Preview (CTP) release allows connections between Power View and Multidimensional Models (cubes),  in addition to the Tabular Models […]

LightSwitch HTML Client Runtime Updated

Microsoft has updated the HTML client runtime in LightSwitch, its lightweight Web development tool. “Runtime Update 1”, as it’s called, is a bug and compatibility fix for the latest versions of jQuery, jQueryMobile and datajs. The update adds support for jQueryMobile 1.3 and jQuery 1.9, according to this blog posting from the LightSwitch team. “Embracing the mobile-first, […]

Was Dijkstra wrong? Is GOTO good for novice programmers?

.. programming education .. may by chance have thrown the baby out with the bathwater, just as the reform maths educators did with calculators in schools. In the old days, before calculators, children had to learn to do long multiplication, for example 431 × 27, using pencil and paper. This was a bit of a chore, now […]