convert json to xml

I found this stored procedure at I had to share   ALTER PROCEDURE [dbo].[sputilConvertJSONToXML] @JSON nvarchar(MAX), @XML xml OUTPUT AS BEGIN DECLARE @tvStack TABLE ( StackID int IDENTITY PRIMARY KEY, Tag varchar(8000), IsArrayElem bit ) DECLARE @I int DECLARE @C char DECLARE @LastChar char DECLARE @Buf varchar(8000) DECLARE @XMLStr varchar(MAX) DECLARE @Tag varchar(8000) DECLARE […]

"Rubber duck debugging" in which a programmer explains the code to an inanimate object

I’ve been using this term for about six months now, had to clue you guys into the rest of the story about ‘rubber ducking’

compress all tables and indexes on SQL 2008 Enterprise

To date I have found on SQL Server 2008 R2 with a reasonable external disk array and reasonable number of processor cores that disk compression offers a significant improvemnt in terms of performance as well as the number of records you can store in any given amount of disk space. Below is a quick script […]

How Microsoft could regain its footing

Opinion: How Microsoft could regain its footing (Hint: more Office, less Windows) Even after several months, I don’t know what to make of Windows 8. And Microsoft’s tablet initiative feels like it’s on the rocks. Still, when I look at SkyDrive and —which will replace Hotmail completely by this summer — I see hope for […]

Access Services – latest ULS error dump 2/15

here’s the error dump I get from my fifth (and final) attempt to get Access Services working correctly. ————————————————————————————————————————————————– 02/15/2013 12:29:26.57 w3wp.exe (0x265C) 0x27F8 SharePoint Foundation Logging Correlation Data xmnv Medium Name=Request (POST:http://win-fdshjv8jiql:80/_vti_bin/accsvc/ServerDesignService.asmx:CreateApplication) 8f1bff9b-382b-8022-6d66-ab9bf55589bd 02/15/2013 12:29:26.58 w3wp.exe (0x265C) 0x27F8 SharePoint Foundation Authentication Authorization agb9s Medium Non-OAuth request. IsAuthenticated=True, UserIdentityName=0#.w|mcdbaadministrator, ClaimsCount=27 8f1bff9b-382b-8022-6d66-ab9bf55589bd 02/15/2013 12:29:26.58 w3wp.exe (0x265C) […]