anyone use mysql proxy?

I’ve always been interested in this product, maybe today is the day I try it. MySQL Proxy is a simple program that sits between your client and MySQL server(s) that can monitor, analyze or transform their communication. Its flexibility allows for a wide variety of uses, including load balancing; failover; query analysis; query filtering […]

SQL Compression – sp_estimate_data_compression_savings stored procedure is available only in the Enterprise, Developer, or Datacenter

I don’t get it. There’s this feature – called Compression… that is like FANTASTIC for SOME of the times when you absolutely need more space (and can’t get more disk). What I don’t understand is this- why can’t STANDARD edition at least ESTIMATE_COST_SAVINGS?? I understand that they want to COMPRESSION an enterprise-only feature.. but the […]

batteries are going bluetooth

Tethercell magically turns AA batteries into Bluetooth devices Traditional batteries may never be the same again since Tetherboard displayed its working Tethercell prototype at CES 2013. It embeds Bluetooth into a traditional AA battery form. by Amanda Kooser January 8, 2013 12:11 AM PST Oh, look, there’s a Bluetooth in your battery. (Credit: Amanda Kooser/CNET) […]

Internet Explorer usage up about 5 percent this year

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (IE) turned things around in 2012, posting an annual usage share gain for the first time in the last eight years, according to data published earlier this week by a Web analytics company. Net Applications, which tracks browser usage by monitoring unique visitors to customers’ websites, said IE ended 2012 with a […]