virtual machines can host MDF/LDF files on a different server.

I need to play with this. I think that SQL 2008 / 2012 (I’m not positive which versions).. we have the ability to host SQL Server databases across a network. Hyper-V now supports SMB (Server Message Block) for file-level storage,1

SSRS – can't use User!UserID in data driven subscriptions

I’ve been stumped for a few months on why I wasn’t able to use Data Driven Subscriptions – by far my favorite flavor of SQL Server– Finally found an article that claimed it was because of User!UserID So I removed that expression, and now it’s working like a charm.


I’ve been meaning to spend more time with SQLCLR, it’s really an incredible technology. Does anyone other than me use it? I just love the flexibility it provides. Here’s a great article I found about dynamic pivot w/SQLCLR. It’s behind a freewall, so register to SqlServerCentral.. I met Steve a few weeks back.. great site! […]

Microsoft to IE haters: You're sad

If you despise Internet Explorer, you are a twerp. You are a sad, lonely doofus who sits alone, night after night, posting stupid, negative comments about a browser that is simply above your station. You are so truly, irredeemably pathetic that your greatest achievement is to have won a karaoke competition at your local bar […]