upsert in SQL Server

Upsert is something that was introduced in SQL 2008 in order to remain competitive with other databases. IF FOUND THEN UPDATE ELSE INSERT; I generally don’t trust it yet- as I’m plenty comfortable with INSERT / UPDATE I prefer those methods UPSERT Functionality in SQL Server 2008 By Muthusamy Anantha Kumar aka The MAK The […]

fastest disk ever?

So I’ve been using this ‘AMD Ramdisk’ product.. I’m probably going to start using it at home also… here is a benchmark I Just got from taking a database backup BACKUP DATABASE successfully processed 236395 pages in 3.220 seconds (573.551 MB/sec). Yes, I backed up a 2gb database in 3.2 seconds. In contrast, when […]

adp update query with form input

how to build ADP update query with form input 1) create Access Data Project 2) create new form 3) build new stored procedure ‘spStoredProcedure’ create procedure spStoredProcedure ( @Parameter1 varchar(50) ) as Select ProductID, ProductTitle From Products Where Description like ‘%’ + @Parameter1 + ‘%’ 4) add button using the Add Button wizard 5) add this […]