sharepoint people – is it ok to create indexes in SharePoint catalog?

I don’t understand why Microsoft ships products that aren’t indexed properly.

Using this query, it is easy to see that this simple SharePoint server – that is SLOW AS MOLASSES ON NICE HARDWARE by the way –

select *
From sys.dm_db_missing_index_details

It just makes me cringe when I see databases that are underindexed.

Ever single database that I’ve touched in the past 15 years was underindexed when I got there.  Using SQL Server – which keeps track of ‘missing indexes’ – is a great way to easily keep database performance up to par.

And oh, by the way, I reccomend that every sharepoint user in the whole wide web will go and create this index.

Create index IX_Objects_ParentID
on dbo.Objects(ParentID)

I don’t care if and when you people believe in making changes to SharePoint.

I just think that it sucks that Microsoft doesn’t follow their own best practices, and because of this – their own products are SLOW AS MOLASSES.


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