sharepoint people – is it ok to create indexes in SharePoint catalog?

I don’t understand why Microsoft ships products that aren’t indexed properly.

Using this query, it is easy to see that this simple SharePoint server – that is SLOW AS MOLASSES ON NICE HARDWARE by the way –

select *
From sys.dm_db_missing_index_details

It just makes me cringe when I see databases that are underindexed.

Ever single database that I’ve touched in the past 15 years was underindexed when I got there.  Using SQL Server – which keeps track of ‘missing indexes’ – is a great way to easily keep database performance up to par.

And oh, by the way, I reccomend that every sharepoint user in the whole wide web will go and create this index.

Create index IX_Objects_ParentID
on dbo.Objects(ParentID)

I don’t care if and when you people believe in making changes to SharePoint.

I just think that it sucks that Microsoft doesn’t follow their own best practices, and because of this – their own products are SLOW AS MOLASSES.


Why do people hate SUBQUERIES?

I don’t get it.. I’ve got a couple of co-workers that are just TERRIFIED whenever they see a subquery.  WHY?

I’ve always loved subqueries- I think that it makes more sense to have a single distinct SQL Statement that we can test- without changing the functionality of the parent query.


SQLDOM for parsing HTML


This is the coolest thing I’ve found in SQL Server in the past 10 years.

SQLDOM project

SQLDOM is an easy and robust way to parse HTML directly into SQL tables, manipulate DOM nodes in a JQuery-like manner, and to render HTML from the SQL-based DOM. SQLDOM is written entirely in native T-SQL, and uses only temporary database objects (tempdb). No changes to user databases are required.

Sane people avoid Oracle.

I’ve always hated Oracle products.
They just SUCK from a usability perspective – no, I do NOT want to run everything inside of a webpage!?!?!

I do NOT want Java errors when I launch my DB Development studio!!!!

Well– it looks like they’re finally waking up to the 90s and finally offering a decent GUI for administration / development.

The only problem is that Microsoft made this a priority back 7 years ago – ever since SQL 2005 has SSMS been free.

NO, I do NOT want to buy 3rd party overpriced software in order to use overpriced software!!

I don’t understand how Oracle gets away with RAPING their customers.

Sane people avoid Oracle.