Access Data Projects SQL Server 2012

I am proud to announce that I have been using Access Data Projects with SQL 2012 without any problems.

Of course, developing server-side objects is disabled, but I can (AND DO) use forms against SQL 2012 All Day, Every Day.

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  1. Now it’s come out that ADP will not work in Access 2013. That’s a disappointing move on MS part.

  2. Hi Aaron,
    I searched long and hard and finally arrived at your site stating you managed this! ‘m having to help a client upgrade to Ms SQL Server 2012. Currently they use Access 2003 .adp’s as their front-end…. Do you know if this configuration will work? I tried, but failed on my own laptop to establish a connection. Will they need Access 2010 at least? Also will Access 2010 .adp’s work with Integrated Security with SQL 2012 ?
    Appreciate your help!


    1. I would honestly recommend an older version of SQL.. But of course it should work

      Give me a call would be glad to help

      I am at work nine to five PST what time zone are you in?

      253 318 4292

      1. Hi Aaron,
        Thanks for your reply. I tried phoning twice today but there was no answer so I probably phoned at a wrong time. I’m in South Africa – we’re at GMT +2h (its now 9pm). Perhaps written comms will work …

        My clients is upgrading their server and can install SQL Server 2012. I’m wondering, based on your recommendation, if they can install 2012 then they should have the right/license to install any previous version… I’ll find out. They also want to use Access Runtime instead of purchasing office for all their users. And if possible, use integrated security to connect. So the question is which configuration would work without issues. The .adp has extensive VBA coding and is quite a large project and very central to their business – they’re the call-center for a few medical aid firms in our country. Eventually we’ll look at an RIA to replace Access, but we’re not there yet :-).

        many thanks! If you’d rather like to chat, let me know what time will suit you, and I’ll give you a call!

        1. Sorry about that, I’ll try to turn my ringer on if you want to call again 🙂
          Just give me a few minutes, I’m diabetic and starving 🙂

          I just took a class a couple of people from South Africa about a month back.. small world!

          Or, if you want to chat.. Perhaps Gmail chat would work best.. or skype/msn – I really have a hard time keeping skype open though, but Gmail is on my phone.
          Now that Windows 8.1 is out, I should do a better job of keeping on skype / MSN most of the hours OUTSIDE of work. I don’t think that I’m going to get permissions to move to 8.1 anytime soon at work 🙂

          Do you have many performance problems with them? How many users do you use with ADP?

          No matter what- I would love to help in any way possible.. I started using Access in about 97. Starting in 2000, I became fanatical about ADP.. because I wanted to reuse our existing code / forms / reports, but just have something that just worked. I walked into an environment where Access was 10x too slow and unreliable, so we just HAD to move to ADP.

          Over the years, I’ve worked on some VERY complex SQL Server databases.. and I’ve almost always used ADP primarily for data entry, testing and prototyping.. I haven’t had an honest Access job since working at Starbucks in 2006.
          More recently, I was working as a ‘Database Architect’ for a project for just a year ago.. So I think that I’m fairly well qualified to help 🙂

          It just breaks my heart that ADP doesn’t work in Access 2013. I wish I still worked at Microsoft- so I could have done something about it.
          I’m REALLY trying to get into Access Services for 2010 and 2013.. but I’ve got a lot of SharePoint work to do for that 🙂

          I still love Access – but now I really only use it for SharePoint and Outlook and stuff like that- I basically refuse to use Linked Tables.. they just seem SOOOOO unmanageable.

          I mean.. with Access Linked Tables.. in order to call a stored procedure, we HAVE to write SQL passthrough.. which means we’re writing code.
          To change the connection from one server to another- we HAVE TO write code.

          I just think that ADP was about 100 years more modern experience than LinkedTables, just breaks my heart to see what they have done.



  3. Hi Aaron,
    I’m confused; I can’t get MS Access 2010 to connect to a sql 2012 instance when creating an ADP – how do you manage that?

    1. There are a few things that might be configured wrong.

      I would start with asking..
      have you enabled tcp/ip on the server? Sometimes only named pipes and shared memory is turned on.
      are you using a default port?
      can you connect to this Sql instance from a different external application?
      is it a named instance?
      is your firewall turned on in the server, or the client? Do you hate exceptions configured?
      are you using SQL auth or Windows auth? Can you test those users via Sql Server Management Studio to make sure that the users have enough permissions?
      can you resolve the server name? Have you considered trying ip address?

      give me a call between noon and five pacific standard time today if you want me to look at it..
      I would love to help in any way possible.

      I love ADP for many many years.. It is STILL the best data entry tool for most situations in my opinion.

      (206) 934-9333
      Microsoft Certified IT Professional: Database Administrator

      1. Thanks Aaron, sorry for delay (day job got in the way) – it connects fine now – could have been finger trouble

        Like you, I have used ADPs for years and absolutely love them – usually distributed thru the network as ADEs – provides robust point solutions for the business.

    2. again, I’d love to help narrow down the options.. I’ve never had any problems (that I couldn’t fix in a minute)..

      Call me nights / weekends, Pacific Standard.. I really think that I can get you through this quickly. I love ADP.

      ADP is the ONLY thing that Microsoft did RIGHT for many years. I absolutely love love love the platform.

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