An Enigma cipher machine in an Excel spreadsheet, made by a non-programmer : programming

I just love Visual Basic, and the Excel / Access paradigm.  I just wish that Excel had basic RDBMS support.

This is interesting to me.. but it seems REALLY REALLY sad that this actually takes -any- time at all to execute.. I mean, how complex can the algorithm really be?

Maybe I’ll re-create this in .NET to see how it should perform?

I’m just excited.. I finally found the source code for this..

Honestly, I’m going to try to turn this into SQL this weekend 🙂

Download the spreadsheet here


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  1. In December 1932, the Polish Cipher Bureau first broke Germany’s military Enigma ciphers. Five weeks before the outbreak of World War II, on 25 July 1939, in Warsaw, they presented theirEnigma-decryption techniques and equipment to French and British military intelligence. Thanks to this, during the war, Allied codebreakers were able to decrypt a vast number of messages that had been enciphered using the Enigma. The intelligence gleaned from this source, codenamed “Ultra” by the British, was a substantial aid to the Allied war effort.

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