Visualizing Spatial Data Visualizing Spatial Data Bob Beauchemin In SQL Server 2008, Microsoft introduced spatial data support with two new built-in data types, geometry and geography. Although you could “see” the data in spatial columns in three formats—Well-Known Text, Well-Known Binary, and Geographic Markup Language (GML)—the only built-in way to visualize your data on a map was […]

cubes are great Five Basic Steps for Implementing an Analysis Services Database 05 January 2010 by Robert Sheldon To learn an application, nothing beats getting it up and running. Getting started with Analysis Services can be frustrating unless you have a clear and simple guide that gets you started quickly. In this article, the first in a […]

Much ADO About Text Files Much ADO About Text Files  Greg Stemp Microsoft Corporation March 5, 2004 Summary: Demonstrates how script writers can use Microsoft ActiveX Database Objects (ADO) techniques to retrieve data from logs and other text files. (14 printed pages) If we Microsoft® Scripting Guys were smart (well, let’s face it: if we were smart we’d be […]